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I watched the "Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert last night. I was tired, my back aches as predicted. I never like standing when watching a concert. I have a back problem, and it's bothering me for quite some time. I was at the Gold Area, but I realized it's the new Gen Ad because I can't see anything but the screen. LOL So excited about Infinite, Tasty and Ukiss. I like Infinite because of their synchronized and powerful dance moves. I like Tasty because their song is quite catchy. I like Ukiss because besides being an artist, I like their personalities. Not much of an SNSD fan and honestly, I know EXO, but I'm sorry I don't know them by names. Anyway, I was face palming most of the time because there was a constant technical audio problems. The music would stop at the middle of the performance which happened during the Infinite and Tasty performances. I'm quite disappointed. Thank God no technical difficulties happened when Ukiss performed. But, I'd like to commend EXO for learning a filipino song. I'm quite surprised that "Hawak Kamay" is trending.

I came to realize that Kpop has come long way. The day has come when Kpop artists are now visiting Philippines for mall tours and concerts. FT Island, Ukiss, ZE:A, 2ne1, Big Bang, Super Junior,Kim Hyun-joong, Boyfriend, 4minute, Jay Park, 2am, etc. already visited the country. The reason for this is that the Fandom grew through the years. I realized it has become huge now. In 2003, here in Philippines, there was just one Kpop fan group who pioneered Kpop FC. I can no longer remember the name but it's a Yahoo group which sounds like Kpop Pinas FC I think. It was such as a small friendly group who's interests is of course KPOP, and at the time Kpop were about - Shinhwa, Rain, Se7en, BoA, G.O.D., Fly to the Sky. etc. It was such a small group that even people have different favorite artists, they get along well. The President would fly to Manila coming from the province just to meet the members. Now kpop fans are thousands here, each has it's own fan club. Quite feat because this country likes American/British Artists. I was just amazed how it has evolved and grew. I never thought this would ever happen because of the music orientation Filipinos have. I guess, it's the power of the internet. Whoever invented the internet, thank you. Without the numbers, we'll never see our favorite Kpop groups perform live.

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I keep procrasting that I would updated my LJ. I told myself I will write about how I enjoyed watching last season's batch of jdrama. So here, finally, here I am. :)

I loved the following drama:

1. Zenkai Girl - I like the story of a very ambitious young lawyer who was really poor when she was young. Secondly, I get to see Ryo cry again. I love watching him cry. There's something about Ryo's crying that has enamored me. LOL
2. Ikemen Desu Ne - This one is big surprise for as I didn't think that I would love the Japanese version of You're Beautiful. Sometimes, I even think that I like this version more that the Korean version because I like the female lead's acting. Her Korean counterpart has annoyed me in some ways. Then, I didn't know that I will get to like the rest of cast. Tamamori Yuta is convincing as Ren, same with Fujigaya Taisuke as Shu!
3. IS - Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei - Saki Fukuda I think has done a very good job in her role as Haru, and I like her character. She has strong will power. Her family is so lovable, they are so big in giving emotional support to Haru.

I tried watching kdrama Thousand Days Promise because it stars Kim Rae Won, I couldn't pass the first 15 mins.! I find it overly dramatic, in an overacting way. I think it's the direction and the script. Currently, I am so excited with KBS K-drama - Man of Honor. I'm finished with episode 4. It stars my favorite Chun Jung Myung. Eversince I saw him in Fashion 70's I became a fan. Can't wait for the next episode! Anyone watching asian drama these days?

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What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

An ex-boyfriend said that he can totally bring me to a fine dining restaurant, as well as to a "turo-turo" (street food area). I was happy when he said that. Also, during my college years, one student has mistaken me to a candidate in A campus beauty pageant. LOLLLL She was so sincere about it, that I can't forget it even though it was ages ago! XDD

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I was about to post this entry last night, but it's kinda weird that my net was not cooperating.

Anyway, I was at the office, when my officemates suddenly tuned in to CNN. I was shocked. The earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan is so devastating, it's so surreal that I thought this can't be true. It looked like something that would only happen in the movies. I remember all those disaster movies that I've seen. Anyway, these are the images on my NHK Channel last night. After the earthquake, there's tsunami, and then fire. All these, in one go. Can you imagine?


My heart goes to all those families who've lost their loved ones. As a fangirl, I can't help but think of the well being of all the Japanese & Korean celebrities I like/love. I hope they are all okay.

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- When a compliment is not sincere it is called flattery. Why do people resort to flattery, it has an ulterior motive to gain positive points from the person who was given flattery.

- I have a keen sense of knowing how to differentiate flattery and compliment. Compliments have lasting and strong positive effects while flattery is rejected the minute it was released.

- I have this officemate of mine who's generous at giving compliments. It's nice because the way she says it, it sounds sincere. I tend to be believe that it is. She would compliment my attire from time to time, and she would say how I can match my accessories with my wardrobe for the day. There are more valuable compliments from my other officemates, but I'm too embarrassed to write it all here. LOL Anyways, no matter how shallow or small the compliment it may seems, it makes me happy. Not only it makes me happy, the positivity is such a good feeling that it inspires me to show a better self.

I can live for two months on a good compliment. ~ Mark Twain

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Hi guys! Under the cut is a meme and I am tagged by jicachan. :) I am supposed to tag 8 friends, but honestly don't know who to tag because I was in a very long hiatus. Anyway, I encourage anyone reading this to do this meme if they wish to. :)

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Thanks a lot for reading. :)

Fandom snippets in my mind:

1. Taisetsu Cast is in VS Arashi! Yay!
2. Wondering if Big Bang will ever guest in KBS.
3. I'm a bit annoyed because Heechul got an eye injury because of the fans.
4. Jang Geunsuk and Kim Haneul in Korea's "Kimi Wa Petto"! Finally!!!
5. The new Ukiss member apparently has good vocals. But I can see Xander is more handsome.
6. Yonghwa's back hug to Seohyun is cute in the latest WGM episode! I just can't understand though what's the big deal about the kiss on the forehead. LOL
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So I was sick 3 days (Wed thru Fri), come Saturday which is today, I suddenly didn't feel sick at all! Here's the reason why :


Okay, first thumbnail is me, trying to kiss GD, shamelessly! LOL Second, me writing a message for GDTOP Message Board. Third, that's my sister on the left, my best fandom pal aishapartygirl in the middle, and me at the right.


Fourth, that's me and my sister submitting a membership application to BIG BANG PH. Last two thumbnails are examples of the freebies we got. I went home happy, we got 2 posters, stickers, etc.

It's been so many months since I last updated. I hope my LJ friends are all still here. I apologize for being a bad friend, was busy and lost an interest in blogging. But now I am back, hopefully for good, again. :) I just realized it was a waste of money not to use this journal when I paid for it! LOL Anyway, in a few days, I will read friends' entries and will try "re-connect". For the time being, I'll just write few thoughts about my fandom and RL.

1. Big Bang is back, but they are so wonderful and amazing that they deserve a separate post. *Hands Up!* XD

2. I'm super addicted to "Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta". I'm so loving the storyline! This drama is making my tedious life, worth living. LOL

3. I'm a super Goguma couple stan, but ironically, I would love Yonghwa to do another drama, preferably with Park Shin Hye. Quite disappointing because this won't be happening anytime soon because of CN Blue's soon comeback.

4. I got a nice grade at my job performance appraisal. I graded myself, and my boss even made it higher! Quite frankly, it was higher than most people even with the managers.

5. I need to watch a new Korean drama. Any recommendations? Is Paradise Ranch good?

That's all for now. XD

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Which one word would you use to describe yourself, and why?


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