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It's been so many months since I last updated. I hope my LJ friends are all still here. I apologize for being a bad friend, was busy and lost an interest in blogging. But now I am back, hopefully for good, again. :) I just realized it was a waste of money not to use this journal when I paid for it! LOL Anyway, in a few days, I will read friends' entries and will try "re-connect". For the time being, I'll just write few thoughts about my fandom and RL.

1. Big Bang is back, but they are so wonderful and amazing that they deserve a separate post. *Hands Up!* XD

2. I'm super addicted to "Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta". I'm so loving the storyline! This drama is making my tedious life, worth living. LOL

3. I'm a super Goguma couple stan, but ironically, I would love Yonghwa to do another drama, preferably with Park Shin Hye. Quite disappointing because this won't be happening anytime soon because of CN Blue's soon comeback.

4. I got a nice grade at my job performance appraisal. I graded myself, and my boss even made it higher! Quite frankly, it was higher than most people even with the managers.

5. I need to watch a new Korean drama. Any recommendations? Is Paradise Ranch good?

That's all for now. XD

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oh~ i'm still here! ^__^ just saying. most of my friends really have abandoned, or neglected LJ, for twitter. or facebook. others created their tumblr.

Hi Je! After browsing my F-page, I do realise that indeed you still write on your LJ, and I'm happy about it! :) It's nice to know that I still have friends here! :) I also have twitter and tumblr, but I rarely use it. I'm usually on-line with FB. But I'll be using LJ quite often now, I think. :)

Hi Sanna! Nice to see you again :) I don't post much but I'm still here ^^

Watching Taisetsu also & damn it's complicated ><"

Hi Krizzy!!! I'm so glad you're still here! Yamapi performed in a Music Show in Korea! Did like the song, but I'm so glad he was there. I think he will have some kind of an activity in Korea. I hope he wasn't mobbed this time. XD

Re: Taisetsu ...I love how the story twists and turns! Shuji is argh! I can't figure him out! XD

Yup, he has a solo concert in Korea on April :) Yamapi's actually in an Asian Tour right now...watched him in Hong Kong last January :D wrote about it too ^^

You're right about Shuji XD I dunno how to feel towards him!

hello! kumusta? :D
drama recos... i hope you've seen secret garden and my princess. :P i'm currently watching flames of ambition at nakakaadik ang masalimuot na kwento haha

are you still in korea?

...ay teka, nag korea ka..diba?...tama ba? haha

You must have mistaken me with one of your flist. Di pa ko nag-Korea. Pero I would love to visit the place. *winks*

aaarrgghhhh shoot sorry haha
matagal-tagal din ako nawala kaya di ako updated haha sorry talaga

its ok dear tao lang ... no worries. haha

Yup, napanuod ko na Secret Garden! Pinapanuod ko rin My Princess. Not crazy about My Princess, pero pede na. :)
Try ko panuorin yung Flames of Ambition, dahil recco mo. :)

It's great that you're still here in LJ! Thank you for leaving a comment. Hay salamat buti na lang there are still few people here at LJ. It would be hard to be writing and writing, without feedback from an flist. :)

Edited at 2011-03-02 08:09 am (UTC)

ganda ni secret garden no! nakakaadik hehe
yung flames of ambition, medyo paghandaan mo kasi medyo mabigat pero nakaka hook din dahil mala telenovela siya XD

marami-rami ngang medyo tumahimik sa lj ngayon. pero andiyan lang sa tabi-tabi, lurking. malamang it comes with age. haha

1-2-3 I'm right there with you, down to the Shin Hye/Yonghwa drama. XD Actually, I was checking dramawiki for upcoming kdramas yesterday and saw this: Probably not exactly legit yet but I hope it'll happen. I'm not against CNBlue's comeback either, tho. I miss seeing JongHyun's awesome face <3333

And don't even get me started about BB and Taisetsu :D

4. Congrats! \o/

5. Have you seen Secret Garden? It was pretty awesome. And My Princess was enjoyable, too. Much to my surprise, I also enjoyed Dream High, as well. Then there's Fugitive: Plan B, if you're in for action and Bi's general awesome. :D I started Paradise Ranch a couple of days ago. It isn't capslock material but has its moments. I'm only at ep3, tho.

Welcome back! :D

Edited at 2011-03-02 07:06 am (UTC)

Hi Zsu!!! Yup I've read somewhere to about he Shin Hye/Yonghwa drama, but nothing is confirmed yet. I think they have "nice chemistry" in "You're Beautiful". :)

Yeah, I think Secret Garden is awesome too. The whole cast did a great job. I am lost with positive description of how superb they were. haha I'm okay with My Princess, not crazy about it tough. :) I've seen snippets of Fugitive: Plan B, I might check it also. Now that you recco it. :) Then, Paradise Ranch is okay too... not really hooked, but it's kinda ok I guess. haha

Mostly, I just wouldn't mind seeing Yonghwa in a drama again. :D

So you've seen SG? Then I assume you've watched BB's SG parody, as well? :D XD My Princess was an ok drama, imo.. again, nothing capslock-y but it was nice, - together with Dream High - after Secret Garden. :D

Oh yes forgot to mention about Dream High! Sam Dong is <3 <3 <3 I'm not impressed with the first episode, until Sam Dong's character were slowly unveiling. XD I think I'm infatuated with his character! LOL

Yes, I've watched BB's parody of SG. Omg! GD looks more womanly than me! LOL ... Then, I was completely put off guard by the kisses, not in my wildest dreams! Deasung is hilarious! SMEEEEEEEEEELLL. lol Actually each and every member of BB is totally hilarious in this parody. This the best parody, I think, of all the parodies they did. haha

... and yes Yonghwa in ANY drama, please. I will not complain. XD But should the management puts priority with the comeback, I'd still wouldn't complain because I'd love the see the rest of CN do some promoting activities. :) After activities, maybe he can go on with a drama. ehehe

so happy to see your post! hey how's life??

I'm doin good! I'm still addicted with J-dramas and K-dramas. How about you? :) I'm so happy to know you're still here! :)

hi sann musta na? glad to hear na ok ka :) sa dramas nagddownload pa rin ako pero bihira na ako manood hehe, pero from what ive downloded, dream high seems interesting.

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