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TODAE hugs tight
I was about to post this entry last night, but it's kinda weird that my net was not cooperating.

Anyway, I was at the office, when my officemates suddenly tuned in to CNN. I was shocked. The earthquake and tsunami that happened in Japan is so devastating, it's so surreal that I thought this can't be true. It looked like something that would only happen in the movies. I remember all those disaster movies that I've seen. Anyway, these are the images on my NHK Channel last night. After the earthquake, there's tsunami, and then fire. All these, in one go. Can you imagine?


My heart goes to all those families who've lost their loved ones. As a fangirl, I can't help but think of the well being of all the Japanese & Korean celebrities I like/love. I hope they are all okay.

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houses of some of our JE boys have been destroyed / damaged. but as far as i know, after spending almost the entire night on twitter & LJ, i think everyone's confirmed safe, with some sustaining minor injuries.

though i still haven't read any news on Hayami and TamaTetsu. hope they're fine.

Yup, I'm glad, I think almost all are okay with JE. No word yet on Hayami? ( are you refering to Hayami Mocomichi?) What about Domoto Tsuyoshi? He can't still be contacted morning. Initially Tsubasa can't be contacted, but I think he's okay now. I'm a little concerned about the Japanese actors. I saw a list that includes Sato Takeru, and he's okay, but I'm worried about his a fellow actor and friend Miura Haruma bec. he's not in the list this morning. I haven't check if there's an update. I was thinking about Yutaka Takenouchi and even the no longer active Yosuke Kobuzuka.

yep, Mokomichi! i've read that Domoto Tsuyoshi is safe, so as Tsubasa & Takaki. my sister too is looking for info on Miura.

If you find any news about Miura, please, please lemme know.
I'm glad Tsubasa and Domota are safe. Yup I read Takki is okay.

Watching the videos and looking at the pictures of the disaster broke my heart. And I was also worried about our country. ): It will take time for things to come back to usual, for Japan to rebuild itself.

I was really worried about our country also. Especially, when they have alerted us of the tsunamis. We were on the list who would have tsunami. Good thing, nothing too serious have hit us.

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