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GD running in My Heaven
I keep procrasting that I would updated my LJ. I told myself I will write about how I enjoyed watching last season's batch of jdrama. So here, finally, here I am. :)

I loved the following drama:

1. Zenkai Girl - I like the story of a very ambitious young lawyer who was really poor when she was young. Secondly, I get to see Ryo cry again. I love watching him cry. There's something about Ryo's crying that has enamored me. LOL
2. Ikemen Desu Ne - This one is big surprise for as I didn't think that I would love the Japanese version of You're Beautiful. Sometimes, I even think that I like this version more that the Korean version because I like the female lead's acting. Her Korean counterpart has annoyed me in some ways. Then, I didn't know that I will get to like the rest of cast. Tamamori Yuta is convincing as Ren, same with Fujigaya Taisuke as Shu!
3. IS - Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei - Saki Fukuda I think has done a very good job in her role as Haru, and I like her character. She has strong will power. Her family is so lovable, they are so big in giving emotional support to Haru.

I tried watching kdrama Thousand Days Promise because it stars Kim Rae Won, I couldn't pass the first 15 mins.! I find it overly dramatic, in an overacting way. I think it's the direction and the script. Currently, I am so excited with KBS K-drama - Man of Honor. I'm finished with episode 4. It stars my favorite Chun Jung Myung. Eversince I saw him in Fashion 70's I became a fan. Can't wait for the next episode! Anyone watching asian drama these days?

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uyyy ur backkkk!!!! i luvvvv ikemen desu neeee!!! watchd it 3x!!! hahahah amazin cast!! sbrang luv ko ang jap.ver more than d original!hahaha grl watch mo new drama ni KAME!!! episde 1 plang pro ang taas ng rating!!! 18.9!! :)) yung ke takuya epi 2 na~

grl!!! sobrang luv ko rin Ikemen Desu Ne!!! Inferness grl buong cast magaling!!! Buti di na lang di gano nakaka-asar yung Tita! haha Uy, me subs na ba ep. 1 nung drama ni Kame?! Saan mo pinapanuod? Yung ke Takuya sinilip ko lang muna ilang mins ng ep. 1... maganda ba? Yung mga drama ni Takuya laging ang role nya "struggling" LOL tapos at the end magwawagi haha

oo mgaling buong cast!!! yup may subs n ep.1 e2: yung ke TK d ko pa npapanood LOL madrama kc ska "aso" partnr ng lolo mo!hahahha anu b ynnnnn

I don’t bookmark sites but i will bookmark this! LOL!

ah i miss watching jdoramas and kdramas. i must find the time to watch one of those you have mentioned, most probably ikemen desu ne. i feel so left behind.

happy holidays! we have yet to meet again, i will let you know soon!

Sorry for the late reply. Yup lots of asian drama to watch! I'll be on leave next week, and I'm so excited. I can now also keep up with the recent ones.

Merry Holidays to you also! : )

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