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Snow White
I watched the "Dream KPOP Fantasy Concert last night. I was tired, my back aches as predicted. I never like standing when watching a concert. I have a back problem, and it's bothering me for quite some time. I was at the Gold Area, but I realized it's the new Gen Ad because I can't see anything but the screen. LOL So excited about Infinite, Tasty and Ukiss. I like Infinite because of their synchronized and powerful dance moves. I like Tasty because their song is quite catchy. I like Ukiss because besides being an artist, I like their personalities. Not much of an SNSD fan and honestly, I know EXO, but I'm sorry I don't know them by names. Anyway, I was face palming most of the time because there was a constant technical audio problems. The music would stop at the middle of the performance which happened during the Infinite and Tasty performances. I'm quite disappointed. Thank God no technical difficulties happened when Ukiss performed. But, I'd like to commend EXO for learning a filipino song. I'm quite surprised that "Hawak Kamay" is trending.

I came to realize that Kpop has come long way. The day has come when Kpop artists are now visiting Philippines for mall tours and concerts. FT Island, Ukiss, ZE:A, 2ne1, Big Bang, Super Junior,Kim Hyun-joong, Boyfriend, 4minute, Jay Park, 2am, etc. already visited the country. The reason for this is that the Fandom grew through the years. I realized it has become huge now. In 2003, here in Philippines, there was just one Kpop fan group who pioneered Kpop FC. I can no longer remember the name but it's a Yahoo group which sounds like Kpop Pinas FC I think. It was such as a small friendly group who's interests is of course KPOP, and at the time Kpop were about - Shinhwa, Rain, Se7en, BoA, G.O.D., Fly to the Sky. etc. It was such a small group that even people have different favorite artists, they get along well. The President would fly to Manila coming from the province just to meet the members. Now kpop fans are thousands here, each has it's own fan club. Quite feat because this country likes American/British Artists. I was just amazed how it has evolved and grew. I never thought this would ever happen because of the music orientation Filipinos have. I guess, it's the power of the internet. Whoever invented the internet, thank you. Without the numbers, we'll never see our favorite Kpop groups perform live.

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nice no? And we'd get to experience more soon pa! :)))... And i really commend the EXO boys for singing Hawak Kamay.... hahaha... kikilalanin ko na ata sila lahat this time. :p

Nalula ako sa dami nila LOL parang di ko mamemorize yun names nila. I believe though that they work as sub units i think?

parang suju lang yan... :)) divided into 2 lang sila... K (Korea) & M (Mandarin).... well, actually, hindi ko kilala mukha/names nilang lahat. still working on it. hahhaa..

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