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Belated Happy Valentines to all. I just realized that I got absolutely no entry for the month of January. So I'll be writing some random stuffs that I should have written since then.

  • Grateful  to marszz ,  I finally watched "Come with the Rain". All I can say is that I close my eyes everytime there's blood. Then all I could remember is that I'm kinda jealous of the Filipino actress who's practically the female partner of Takuya Kimura in the movie. You got to watch it to know what I'm saying. LOL. Then, I'm surprised that he's got some real screen time. I didn't expect that.  
  • Due to the generosity of marszz again, I was able to watch Ohno Satolshi's drama called "Uta No Oniisan". I don't usually watch dramas when I don't like the actors but the initial episodes caught my attention.  LOL Surprisingly I enjoyed it because one minute I was laughing then one minute I'm crying. haha It has inspired me a little because it tackled job selection and how one should love their own job. Wow I could totally relate! XD
  •  My favorite korean variety shows these days are Idol Maknae Rebellion (because of the maknaes of FT Island and U-Kiss. I find them funny and cute), and  MBLAQ in Idol Army.  I like all the members except one. LOL
  • Able to watch GD's Breathe in Shine A Light con. Thanks youtube. XD  We were able to find out that YG has good & skilled editors. LOL
  • The series of interview articles of GD are a good PR for our boy. It shows how adorable GD is.
  • I'm watching Jerry Yan and Ella in "Down with Love". All I can say is that Jerry Yan is still hot and Ella is funny. XD
  • Smile, You has the most adorable couples in all the k-dramas that I have watched. So enjoyable to watch. Hilarious. Usually when I watch a k-drama I tend to lose interest after 16 episodes. I'm now on the 37th and still watching.
  • I have finished watching Miura Haruma's Samurai Highschool. I like Miura Haruma, that's why. : )
  • I'm watching  Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, and I think I'll continue to watch. It's been quite sometime I watched Kame. Is it just me, but he does look buff isn't he?
  •  Kujo Otoya (Sato Takeru) and Orihara Maya (Kichise Michiko) look good together. Everytime Maya is near Otoya, I feel jealous. LOL In the second season, I know it's kinda silly because there's no love line there.  I see Sato Takeru in a different light. For the first time, I see Takeru hotter than Miura Haruma. LOL 
  • I watched Ohitorisama in one go yesterday. I somehow could relate with Satomi. LOL
  • I watched 4minute's promo in Megamall 2 weeks ago. I didn't know that I will like their other songs, because after they released Hot Issue, I didn't bother to listen to the other songs. Also, I would like to mention that they are pretty, quite friendly and pleasant. It was never my intention to buy their cd, but I eventually did. XD
  • Bought tickets for the FT Island Showcase and Super Junior Concert here in Manila. I am now broke but happy.  XD 
  • Bought a cd of MBLAQ, Colors (Jae & Chun's), CN Blue at fangirlasia and Secret Code at a record bar in SM. XD 
  • I am lonely these days. I was happy for many years, single and all.. Now strangely I'm scared and lonely because I see wrinkles and white hair.  Hope everyone had a happy valentine.  : )

gd vogue
Today, my officemates felt that I'm not in a good mood. Two of them noticed and tried to cheer me up. I did try to be little cheerful after being nudged. To self hyponotize myself, I try to remember this young lady few months ago, who've I came across with while inside a public transport (PUJ to be exact). She's so cheerful, with her box colored ballpens on her lap. She told the driver if it's okay not to pay her fare because she hasn't sold yet any of the ballpens she's selling. To my surprise, the driver agreed. She's such a cheerful lady, very pleasant, and all sunny. I told my myself how can this person be so lively and happy selling a box of ballpen? I'm sure that selling ballpens is way much much harder than what I do. I bet I also earn much much more than her, and yet she's so happy.

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

I watched 1st episode of jdorama "Real Clothes", am in the middle of episode 2 and I'm liking it. The female lead, Karina, reminds me of Yamaguchi Tomoko. I really thought at first it was Yamaguchi because the character looks like Minami from Long Vacation, personality wise. Anyways, here's a brief description from

Kinue is a saleswoman in the futon section of a department store. One day, she suddenly gets transferred to the women’s clothing department, even though she herself is lacking in fashion sense. Her new boss Miki, soon introduces Kinue to the tough reality of the fashion world. Through this job, Kinue learns about the meaning of life, love, and work.

Snow White

1. I can't come to see SHInee in person when they come here to Manila.
2. It makes me sad whenever I see a DBSK VS SME article. I'm losing hope?
3. I don't want see to spoilers of You're Beautiful!
4. Not too many people think that GD's newest MV is cool.
5. Lastly, I'm scared that we might have to go on strike at work. I hope "NO" wins tomorrow.

Btw, for me GD's pout is one of the most adorable thing in this world.♥ Don't you think so? :) He's a perfect distraction from all the woes of my life.

On a happier note, I wanna wish the November celebrants in my flist: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to shuttist, and advance greeting to zsuness, and iceuck. Sorry if I forgot to greet some.

YEHEY! As of this writing, first episode of IRIS is on KBS WORLD! English subbed! ♥

toma with red frames
Last weekend I watched the following doramas:

1. Orthros no Inu - Omg, it's been quite sometime since I felt so happy watching a dorama. This reminds me of how I love Tackey and Ryo as actors. In the past crying/bawling Nishikido Ryo is my fave scene, always. Then Tackey, I basically had watched all his doramas.

This is my most fave dorama for this year. I have nothing much to complain about this drama. I love the story very much... hands that can heal, and another who can kill ... it's supernatural. - I find it very interesting.

2. Majo Saiban - At first I thought, I wouldn't like this dorama. "Who's the real murderer?" ... kept me watching. Also, I think Toma looked so eye candy in this dorama, that's why I really had fun watching it. Toma kissing a girl gave me something to giggle about. LOL

3. Quiz Show - Intriguing. The characters are acting funny, but it's actually sad. Not a fan of the leads as actors, but I wanna commend Yu for the crying scene at the end. Luha at uhog. XDD As for Sho, I'm just thankful that he is in this drama because I enjoyed watching him portray himself as an emcee, it looks so natural to him. Lastly, I like the story, and the twist.

Oh Lord, thank you so much for these dark dramas. I'm such a sucker for dark themes.

As for K-drama, I'm currently watching:

1. IRIS - Super action packed, and the lead cast are really amazing actors. TOP is, well, sorry for saying this, he's kinda overshadowed by the fierce acting of the senior actors. In my opinion, he looks so young to be a top notch killer who's out to get another top notch agent. It's not that bad though, I wanna stress that. But I'm happy that he is in this drama because he looks HOT! XD The only thing that is kinda disappointing is Kim Tae Hee's acting.

2. YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL - A ridiculous drama is ridiculous. But, I so love it to bits and pieces. So funny.... and SHINWOOOOOOOOO! Please come to MOMMA! Patiently waiting for episode 9. I watched all the episodes in one go! XDDD

Btw, have you heard that Kim Hyun Joong is doing a Korean version of Kimi Wa Petto? Hope he's a better actor now. Poor guy he'll be pitied against Matsujun's acting. This dorama is my most fave Matsujun dorama, and in my opinion this is his best. Anyways, I'm still excited about this. Excited to see how KHJ's acting will fare with the latter.

I will be on temporary HIATUS. Please don't cut me
TODAE hugs tight
No one has the right to be sorry for himself for a misfortune that strikes everyone. - Marcus Tullius Cicero .Collapse )

Park Boom
I woke up feeling better, and Amber speaking in english made me glee. askdadfladfj

I changed my layout for the 2343859754th time, and this time just because Amber likes PORORO. keke I don't know what's Pororo so I googgled it, and found THIS. Loads of cute! haha

Anyways, I need to talk about GD again. A bit of rant under the cut.Collapse )

I'm so upset last night that I felt like doing something unrelated to what's upsetting me. I'm heavily considering moving to another LJ, two of my flist did it. Been here since 2006. My paid account will expire sometime in January so I have few months to think about it. Once I made up mind, I'll give heads up to my chosen flist who have been putting up with my fandom and RL ramblings.

CAIO! Need to get ready for work. I'll be back later tonight.

gd & blue hat
Is it expensive?Collapse )

Don't you think we've just have enough of girl groups in Kpop? Girl groups just keep on sprouting here and there. I wonder when will this end. I don't want girl groups. I want BOYS! Because I'm GURL! XD

If I want to fangirl BOYS, but why do I like AMBER? Yes because I like BOYS. ekeke I wonder if my non-kpop flist can identify him her HERE. You want to know what's gorgeous and sexy to me? You may check out who AMBER is. I'm sorry but I'm just plainly sick and tired of the SWEET, PRETTY AND THE CUTE.

Ironically, GD, who I adore the most at the moment, likes cute girls e.g. Aoi Yu and Solli. Are they separated at birth or what??!!! Look HERE.

Btw, here's a compiled vids where GD declares he likes Aoi. Omg, just count how many times did he have to say that in interviews. LOL Not to mention an on-line comment he left on his friend's blog saying "She's mine." haha

On a different note, I'm watching MY FAIR LADY, and I'm loving it inspite of the mediocre acting of Yoon Eun-hye. I just keep wondering why does she have to walk like Paris Hilton?! LOL Is it to establish how rich she is in this drama? Anyways, another thing that catches my eye is the other guy - Jeong Il-woo. He happens to be the lead guy in "The Return of Iljimae". So now I wanted to watch this drama but my sister, who's in charge of downloading, doesn't want because Sandara and him KISSED in this drama. LOLZ

gd & blue hat
GD and my RL entry under the cut.Collapse )

Now I found a way on how I could kiss GD! LOL


My HEARTBREAKER CD has arrived from yesasia! Now, I'm waiting for my copy from HMV Japan. I pre-ordered again because of the poster! LOL
More about Heartbreaker.Collapse )


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